Sydney Cultural Top 10 Weekly 13/05/18

Looking for an excuse to get out of the house that doesn’t involve calling in a bomb threat? We at are here with at least ten ways to tickle your brain and your social standing this week!


10) Pacific Opera Presents A Mother’s Day Concert

13th May

Make up for brazenly crushing your mother’s dreams of your life on the stage with afternoon tea and a concert featuring the best and brightest young Australian opera talents. Make this one of the thousands of incremental ways in which to make up for your failures.’s-Day-Concert/81deaa30-53f0-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89.


9) Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize Exhibition

5th-27th May

Acquaint yourself with Australia’s complex sociocultural tapestry without actually having to physically touch or smell it. Experience a diverse exhibition of photographers interpreting various aspects of contemporary Australian life in a temperature controlled, security enhanced gallery.


8)  CeBIT Australia

13th-15th May

Feeling ill-prepared to deal with the rise in references to silicon valley in general conversation? No more! CeBIT Australia is celebrating its 17th year and for 3 days starting on the 13th of May this exhibition will feature the latest in innovative tech and conferences covering Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud, eGovernment, IoT, FinTech, A.I., Innovation, Start-up and more. You also get a lanyard that will, when worn outside of context, effectively deflect any attempts at conversation.


7) Unseen Untold – Our Curious Collection

28th March-28th October

Ever wanted to sneak behind the Museum curtain? Put away those wire-cutters and chloroform because the Sydney Jewish Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary by going behind-the-scenes and showcasing some never-before-seen quirky, precious and curious objects, each one with a unique and fascinating story whose origins, when recited correctly, will make you seem far more interesting than you actually are.


6) Biennale of Sydney Superposition – Equilibrium and Engagement

16th March-11th June

In an extra-concentrated shot of culture, the 21st Biennale of Sydney will hold daily guided 45 minute tours throughout the week providing you with enough knowledge of a 12-week-long exhibition to sustain polite condescension at any gathering for the rest of the year.


5) Seagulls in the City

13th March-14th May

Head on Photo Festival presents a photographic exhibition of Sydney from a bird’s perspective. So embrace art in it’s truest sense: flying dangerously close to the sun and taking a shit on people beneath you.


4) Mother’s Day Weekend at Tramsheds

13th May

Celebrate your expulsion from the birth canal by plunging back into a visual simulation of it with its owner. Indulge your every tooth and every nostril hair with an industrial avenue of food and flora.’s-Day-Weekend-at-Tramsheds/7ba53b10-53f1-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89


3) Fashion Week

13th-17th May

Looking down the endless black hole of existence? Distract yourself with the incongruous shapes and deafening music of Sydney Fashion Week! 100+ Designers. Huge Discounts. Catwalk Shows. Et Cetera.


2) Buddha’s Birthday Multicultural Festival

13th May

Don’t want to celebrate the prevailing maternal holiday for personal reasons? Celebrate the birthday of a fat visionary to whom you have no legal obligation. Various Buddhist cultures will join together to provide a wonderful feast experience, live multicultural performances, the lion dance, Master Hsing Yun’s One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition and more!’s-Birthday-Multicultural-Festival/493bb180-53f2-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89


1) American Essentials Film Festival

8th-20th May

Prepare your loved ones’ ears because your accent’s about to get real crooked, see. Straight from the festival circuit, Palace Cinemas is exhibiting American (both classic and indie) film at its best. Relax, partner/dude, the Sydney Film Festival next month should set your ‘r’s back to normal.


Honourable Mention

Intimidated by the above mentioned week-long prospect of haughty intellectualism, technical jargon, illogical usage of plaid and your own mother?  Then retreat to…

12th-13th May

Hemp Health & Innovation Expo Sydney. A celebration for five-leaf lovers. You gotta check out their brochure.

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