Sydney Contemporary; It’s The Time Of The Season When Love Runs High

The air is phasing between icy and hellish and the sky is the kind of blue that sing-screams at you to forget the ever-present threat of environmental catastrophe and nuclear annihilation.

Spring is here.

It’s coquettishly flashing its cherry blossoms at every fat bird that waddles past.

What better way to appreciate Spring’s majesty than trapped inside an air-conditioned mausoleum pulsating with 400 unique egos in the form of sterile pieces of contemporary art?

Yes, Australasia’s leading international art fair is back with more than 90 Australian and international galleries presenting over 400 artists.

Sydney Contemporary will feature an ambitious four-day program that includes installations, live performances, panel discussions and experimental video art begging you to acknowledge that whilst what you’re seeing is a ‘mirror of society’, it does not, in any way, reflect your troglodytic form, unless you’re violently spewing admiration for the artists’ genius from every orifice at the time.

The Installation Contemporary program will be this year curated by New Zealand’s Robert Leonard of City Gallery Wellington. Designed to exhibit large-scale artworks in a diverse range of media, including moving-image, or more ambitious and conceptually driven projects that extend beyond the traditional booth presentation, Installation Contemporary presents an opportunity to view innovative, site-specific and interactive installations in the environment of Carriageworks.

Spring is the season that has historically inspired many brilliant artists to creative heights.

So instead of experiencing the all-consuming heart-pounding sexual symphony of the season of artistic conception, spend 4 days genuflecting before its attention-seeking, canvas-swaddled spawn.

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