Sweet Relief with BFI Pride House Party

It’s difficult to find reasons to be happy these days. Largely because the restrictions put in place by COVID-19 have left the street drug trade somewhat paralysed, but also because we’re constantly being beset by reasons to not be happy.

Experiencing spontaneous happiness can feel as immoral as punching a toddler. The world is an open wound, and to experience sudden happiness in some part of it is to be a perverse maniac. A brief spark of unbridled, unrelated joy is simply not worth the waves of self hatred that crash over you seconds after you experience it.

For the first time in a very long time, we are collectively aware of the hideous truths and institutionalised prejudices behind simple joys like the coffee bean or Wayne Newton.

But this isn’t cause for complete loss of hope. It just means that when we find something to be happy about, we shouldn’t have to delude ourselves about a large part of its history.

Hence, we’re fairly chuffed about BFI Pride’s Film Screening and Queer House Party.

Celebrate all the colours of the LGBTQIA+ rainbow with a screening of Pride and Protest, a film programmed for this year’s BFI Flare, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and a special edition of Queer House Party. Opening with the anti-LGBTIQ+ lessons protests in Birmingham, Pride & Protest refuses to shy away from the many issues faced by Britain’s LGBTIQ+ black and people of colour communities. We follow several activists during their day-to-day lives as they fight to hold onto their pride in a racist and homophobic society.

Born on the Friday of lockdown, Queer House Party is camp, sexy, inclusive, and it’s live-streamed to you with the aim of bringing solidarity and release to our community, every week. Just like a house party, only from the comfort of your living room.

Be happy with abandon!

Oh, and if you haven’t as of yet, don’t look up the Wayne Newtown thing. You’ll never be able to fully enjoy Ferris Bueller ever again.



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