Sweet Expo Sydney! (This Article Is Not Being Monitored By Foreign Agents)

Got a sweet tooth?

Well, swallow it now comrade.

You are not immune to the excesses of the west and it’s best you end your life now before the higher ups get their hands on you.

Because no one can resist…The Sweet Expo.

It is your one stop destination for everything cake decorating, baking, and celebrating!

And a veritable Felucia of the bizarre creatures born of a western lifestyle sorely in need of dictatorial restriction.

The Demo Stage has something new every 45 minutes, whether it’s ganaching perfectly straight sides on your cake to how to use the latest kitchen gadgets (without drawing blood).

There’ll be a market of Sydney’s most delicious and most instagrammable treats, you’ll have your cake and eat it too – all the while supporting local businesses.

Innocent ones can get hands-on too with Lollipop Cake Supplies Kid’s Cupcake Decorating. Pipe, sprinkle, eat, and give Mum at least 30 minutes to wander the shops!

A festival of fun and food, there’s live music playing all day as well!

Is it worth having each of your fingernails slowly plucked from your fingers whilst your genitals are repeatedly electrocuted?

да or нет?

You have 10 seconds to decide, товарищ.



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