Suck Your Bottle with All in WA

No matter the context in which you grow up, adolescence is difficult.

Parts of you are growing, often in seemingly the wrong order and disproportionately to other parts of you, the walking, talking edge of your world is beginning to sound increasingly insane and you’re being forced to decide exactly what kind of adult you’re going to be despite the fact that you’re not old enough to legally partake in the thing that dictates the majority of adult behaviour.

The sameness of the adolescent awkward phase is a nice thing to keep in mind. Because that’s the only state of being in which context is irrelevant, as is being laid bare right now.

Burying the trauma of growing up, in whatever manner that trauma manifested and to whatever degree, is what adulthood is. The delusion that you can walk around and exist, be in charge of currency and your own colonic regularity and have everyone else of a certain age participate in that delusion, otherwise the whole thing falls apart.

Problems arise when we forget that we’re all pretending.

Perhaps All in WA will help you remember.

Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, Brandi Carlile and Macklemore are among several artists from the Seattle area who are uniting to perform a virtual COVID-19 relief concert benefitting All In WA. The event will be broadcast via Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. Dave Matthews, Ciara, Russell Wilson, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Allen Stone, Mary Lambert and the Black Tones are also slated to appear, along with actor Joel McHale. Funds raised for All In WA will be distributed to a host of organisations that support workers, families and communities who are in need and have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis throughout the state.

You’re all grown up now, and the world is recognising context like it never has before. But context is recognised insofar as its thrown into sharp relief by the essential sameness of every human, which itself is illuminated by the fact that we’ve collectively spent the vast majority of our wealth, time and mental effort crafting songs about butts.

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