Stock Up On Fuels Of All Kinds; The Fireside Winter Festival Is Making Its Debut.

Let’s cuddle up by the fireside.

Let’s get used to it.

In about ten years, thanks to either global warming or global war (or both), there will be more things that will be on fire than not.

Might as well enjoy the novelty of it now.

Yes, the Fireside Winter Festival is here!

This festival is the Yarra Valley’s brand new winter celebration, paying tribute to smokey food, roaring fires, refined wine and rocking music.

This is a festival with a difference. Rather than behind a table like formal tasting set-ups, you’ll find the winemakers wandering amongst the beer garden, sitting by fire braziers, chatting to guests and pouring their wines.

There’s no better way to learn about wines than by hearing the passion straight from those who make them.

Well, there’s no better way now.

In ten years, the best way to learn about wines will be over the corpses of your loved ones whilst you’re burning your own turds for fuel and remaining on high alert lest the Reavers breach the perimeter.

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