Spinning in Solidarity Honestly

We wouldn’t be who we are right now without the decisions we’ve made. That’s a sentiment often found in Sandra Bullock movies and stitched in your worst friend’s tiny decorative pillows and the many horrible tiny decorative pillows featured in Sandra Bullock movies.

It’s generally used to narratively justify plot twists that hold the audience’s attention through a paper-thin plot but, in every rational realistic sense, make the protagonist a monster.

Unfortunately, like everything else about Sandra Bullock, the sentiment has bled into and become part of the collective mindset that allows people to continue to be the gluttonous lazy sadists they’ve always been without atoning for or even acknowledging their past faults as faults to regret and be corrected, rather than the initial quirks of an eventually even quirkier cleft-chinned heroine.

It’s true that we wouldn’t be who we are right now as a society without the decisions we’ve made. We have made horrific decisions. And we are a horrific society. It’s time to collectively acknowledge that. Via a virtual rave (it’s 2020, what did you expect?).

Presented by Swerv and Soju Gang, Spinning In Solidarity is an online fundraiser event and concert featuring artists and DJ’s coming together and sharing their passion for music to raise funds in solidarity for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community.

“As we watch from afar the continued killing of the black community in the US, we mourn and seek justice for lives taken at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect. Yet at the same time a dark reality is revealed, this is not an American issue – we do not sit on a higher moral ground as a country. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait community face the same violence – and for too long we have ignored them. Their deaths go unnoticed and their fight for justice is swept aside. It’s time we stand up for our blak community here at home.”

The concert will feature: Soju Gang, Swerve, DJ Pgz, Jade Zoe, Koda, Jay Dean, Stevzar, Kaira, JPS and Isaiah Morris.

So put down the popcorn, stop staring at Sandra Bullock and direct your gaze inwards.

Sure, her accent is far more jarring, her global reach ridiculous and her clout grossly disproportionate but a villainous American does not an innocent Australian make.



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