Schedule Your Happiness at the Sydney Comedy Festival

Holding on to one’s sense of self during a transitional stage is a difficult thing.

It can cause you to question what aspects of yourself are vital to your mentality and what parts are simply coping mechanisms developed around your essential self in order to deal with context. Which is why being constantly f***ing miserable is the best way to live one’s life.

No matter in what direction your life heads, if you hate everything and everyone as a philosophy, you’ll never experience that jarring sensation of change. Sure, you’ll probably become suicidal and wind up blowing all your money on street heroin, but your anxiety levels will remain steady.

But you are also human, and humans need to experience happiness in some form. We suggest purchasing happiness in the form of one month in the year in a forum with which you have no familial, emotional or existential bonds. The Sydney Comedy Festival.

The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney’s biggest and most exciting annual comedy event, bringing hundreds of comedians to stages across Sydney. Plus, with over 180 shows to choose from, including massive Gala events, the Sydney Comedy Festival has something to suit every sense of humour.

Never invest in happiness. Rent it.

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