Run, Don’t Walk to Urban Wine Walk, Then Walk (If You Can)

Well, summer’s almost here and you know what that means.

We’re about to experience a harrowing indication as to the reality of the world to come as humanity faces a climatic hellscape of its own making that eventuates in us having to drink the blood of our own young to stave off death.

And that’s reason enough to get drunk.

But, as always, when getting drunk you have to strike the balance between reason and result that lands in the realm of acceptability.

And this event is, we feel, the perfect balance. Presenting Urban Wine Walk.

Two out of the three words in the title already make up for the severe hit your dignity and toilet will take following the event.

“The sun is shining, the weather is sweet! That’s right everyone, spring is here and that means it’s time to gather your friends because Urban Wine Walk is back!

As a part of their biggest series to date, the city will light up as a line-up of the neighbourhood’s best venues each transform into an Urban Cellar Door for you to visit on a self-guided wine tasting trail without having to leave the city!

You and your friends will enjoy amazing hospitality at a hand picked selection of local bars and restaurants whilst of course sampling a range of beautiful wines from the best winemakers Australia has to offer.”

It sounds charming, it’s technically exercise in that it has the word ‘walk’ in it, and the word ‘cellar’ has never failed to add class to a piss-up.

As we said, summer’s almost here.

You’re going to be dehydrated anyway, you might as well have a controlling hand in it.

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