Rub Your Feelers Together; The Grape, Grain & Graze Festival Is Coming

Humanity is a raging swarm of fleshy profligate cockroaches constantly consuming, excreting, breeding and screaming in an orgy of self-aware pointlessness.

As such, they really know how to throw a classy soiree.

And few events are so classy as the Grape, Grain & Graze Festival!

A day of fabulous wine, brews, fine food and live music. Spend an afternoon tasting incredible wines from over 2,200 entries from the KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show, enjoy tasters from the Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show and satisfy food cravings at grazing stations laden with Sydney Royal medal-winning food.

A cockroach is a cockroach.

But a cockroach that can wax lyrical about the fruity notes within a complex Shiraz with absolute sincerity?

Well, now, that’s a gentleman.

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