Roll Up, Roll Up for the Luminato Festival Toronto

The appeal of the sideshow is one that has existed for millennia.

No matter how enthralled you are to the main attraction, you aren’t going to leave the fairground without getting acquainted with its weird off-brand sister.

It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of the sideshow. Sure, the main attraction has the reputation, the branding and the big flashing lights, but the sideshow has the indie credit, the subtler lighting, the weird accent and so many more seemingly unnecessary, but it turns out very beneficial, limbs.

You come for the main attraction, but you stay for the sideshow.

Well, it’s June of 2020 and we’re all paying for the main attraction, so perhaps it’s time to see what’s playing under the dimmer lights.

Why it’s the Luminato Festival.

Yes, Toronto’s annual international performing arts festival is going virtual! Luminato Festival Toronto will return with 3 days of free, virtual programming, bringing more than 70 artists together with audiences from across Canada and around the world. Experience a virtual weekend of world premieres, theatre, music, film, intense conversations, late night DJs, burlesque and more.

Yes, in this analogy the USA was the main attraction and Canada was the sideshow.

Perhaps that’s a crass, grossly oversimplified analogy, but perhaps an aggressively simple envisioning of the situation is warranted.

After all, Canada’s probably going to be moving on to the main stage bill soon and there’s a vacancy for the side-stage and a history of racial oppression with our name on it.

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