Rip Out Your Stitches with the Sydney Underground Film Festival

Society is becoming increasingly desensitised to projections of the grotesque and violent. Shock is the necessary current that keeps our corpses momentarily animated at regular intervals. We know we can’t start our day without a good strong coffee and a live-streamed suicide.

Seems these days that the only time we feel truly, childishly disturbed is in those rarefied moments when a deeply buried psychological trigger is pulled.

Good news, kids. Because the granddaddy of controversial film is arthritically shuffling his arse back home for the springtime and he’s got a raging projection that’ll fill your sucking black shock-hole.

Yes, The Sydney Underground Film Festival is back in its 14th incarnation. In 2020 the Festival will take place entirely online, offering a new opportunity for audiences all over the country to experience the glory of some of the world’s most experimental, subversive and unhinged cinema, right from their own living rooms.

For ten days, film fans will be able to stream a fully curated program of pertinent and eye-opening shorts, widely diverse and experimental films, and – most importantly – films that will make you cry with laughter, even in this challenging time. Offering the cinematic trip you can take without leaving the country, the 2020 line-up features over 100 short films from 20 different countries.

Returning to the Festival line up are the much-loved short film sessions Ozploit! (a focus on Australian short films), WTF! (shorts that will mess with your head), Reality Bites (short documentaries), LSD Factory (mind-melting shorts), and Love/Sick (date night session?) alongside two all-new programs: Sh!t Scared, dedicated to new horror shorts, and Late Night Cartoons, a session showcasing whacked-out animations for grown-ups.

You see, it turns out we’ve not been really desensitised. We’ve just been watching torture porn the wrong way. It takes the a-bomb of selfish emotional and moral affect to shatter the sardonic domes around our sadistic g-spots.

And grandpa’s got his coke nail on the big red button.

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