Remember Why Webber’s a Billionaire with the Tony Awards

We could all use some pageantry in our lives at this moment in time.

Not that the stacks of dead bodies being paraded around isn’t one hell of a show of humanity’s greatest talent, but the pageant commentators are beginning to sound a little repetitive.

What we need is a flashback. A global broadcast of what once could hold the attention of a mass audience without the presence of a body count. A window into a different time when the evils of humanity only presented themselves in the deep psychological scars of generations of children, so the rest of us didn’t have to hear about it.

A time before we needed a Scientologist in a wig to make Hairspray compelling.

Perhaps we may access that time with the Tony Awards Virtual Celebration.

Broadway comes back for a never-before-seen special Tony Awards celebration despite the rescheduling of the prestigious 74th in-person awards show and curtains closing across the nation amid the pandemic. Tony Award nominee Lonny Price hosts the one-hour fundraising event benefiting the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League.

Good morning, Baltimore!

Remember when teen obesity, rats and flashers were the worst of their problems?

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