Regrets with Women Take The Stage

Regret is an interesting phenomenon.

It makes you feel like the a***hole you are and does nothing to prevent recurrence of thing it throws into sharp relief. So perhaps then it’s a good psychological microcosm of the greater cyclical pointlessness of life. When it doesn’t cause suicide.

It’s important to feel regret. It’s a vital mechanism in the maintenance of mildly oppressive systems that allow us to throw impressive fits and tantrums in front of audiences of our friends and loved ones all while innately knowing we’ll never have to face any kind of truly affecting political upheaval. If you didn’t regularly regret your previous actions that would either mean you’re on the sociopathic spectrum or that you did something good, which might result in some kind of…progress.

Sociopaths aside, all that progress sounds exhausting. That is why the best way to experience progress is via a TV, with lots of flashing lights and celebrities and absolutely no lasting self-reflection. Experience it with Women Take The Stage.

Women Take The Stage is a free virtual concert on the centennial of the 19th Amendment, marking milestones in women’s voting rights and taking action needed today. Featuring: Alicia Garza, Andrea Jenkins, Billie Jean King, Carol Jenkins, Dolores Huerta, Gloria Steinem, Judy Gold, Kierra Johnson, Letitia James, Lily Tomlin, Mona Lake Jones, Tina Tchen, Vanessa Williams, The Chicks, Indigo Girls, Skip the Needle, Sophia Ramos, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and many more amazing performers and activists.

It is a sick, sad world we live in that the lady from Ugly Betty needs to be dangled before us in order to entice us into acknowledging the still-present moral discrepancies within society. And we ate powdered instant miso soup on buttered toast last night whilst drunkenly weeping to Billy Joel’s Piano Man. We’ve never felt so accepted.

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