Rebel, Rebel, You Can’t Get Enough. Maybe The Bakery Lane Bake Off Will Finally Sate You

The western world is increasingly accepting of the health benefits and relative morality of marijuana in comparison with legal evils such as tobacco, sugar and recent attempts at cultural and racial genocide.

Smoking pot won’t result in paranoid visions of an Australian version of Nixon introducing you to a fully erect demon who’s come to escort you to your shared prison cell.

Rather, it’ll result in Podcast ruminations or, if you’re lucky, a marginally successful stint in a tech start-up.

Rebellion is difficult for the youth of today.

Enter: The Bakery Lane Bake Off.

Getting baked in a laneway has not been so unwholesome since ’08.

There will be no living gut cultures or functioning pancreas’ here.

The Bakery Lane Bake Off is a festival laneway party to celebrate all things cake, featuring stalls from suppliers and sponsors, presentations from a bunch of Australia’s most exciting cake gurus – like Rosie from Rosie’s Dessert Spot and Nick from The Scran Line – plus heaps of local gurus too!

There will be music, games, drinks, food, giveaways, prizes, a live 30 minute cake decorating smack-down with huge prizes….and just a bloody good time.

Demons no longer sidle in in a purple haze.

They come bearing cupcakes and prescriptions for insulin.

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