Ready Your Face Filters For The Sydney Science Festival!

This is no longer the Revenge of the Nerds zeitgeist.

Never again will the word ‘nerd’ be shouted with derision.

The term is now claimed proudly by people wearing tight shirts with the face of the TV show Mr Robot splashed across the front; the same people whose capacity for intellect is akin to the hourly salary of the enslaved third world children who manufactured that tight Mr Robot shirt.

…Never has the phrase “I’m such a nerd” been so wildly marketable.

Enter: The Sydney Science Festival.

The Sydney Science Festival celebrates and showcases Sydney’s diverse and multidisciplinary science and innovation community through a program of talks by leading researchers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions and events exploring all areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Highlights for the 2019 festival include an evening of stargazing and music in Centennial Parklands, a day in the research lab of PlantBank at the Australian Botanic Garden, and a discussion about the future of the Australian Space Agency.

To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, Dr Karl will be teaming up with comedian-turned-mathematician Adam Spencer for the Al – Zr of the Periodic Table talk at Sydney University’s Great Hall.

And if you’re wondering just how the plethora of free events also translate to revenue, you might want to familiarise yourself with the term ‘Instagram Influencer’.

There’s nothing more attractive to a young market than duck face, fake glasses, and a slightly out-of-focus researcher in the background fruitlessly wielding a line graph indicative of humanity’s doom.

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