Put Some Colour in Those Hollowed Out Cheeks at The Australian Beer Festival

We’ve precious little to celebrate in this existence.

It’s not entirely due to the moral, socioeconomic, political and environmental black hole we’re circling, but more the psychological callous that that black hole has created deep in our collective psyche rendering all genuine child-like feelings of joy inert.

Also twitter.

We have been robbed of our innocence and we cannot but exist as weary adults, unable even to weep in pain at the rotting self-inflicted emotional stab wound that will never heal.

We must leave the memory of our childhood selves behind and face this world as grown-ups.

In other words: drunk.

Yes, this year marks 15 years of the Australian Beer Festival at The Australian Heritage Hotel, the original home of craft beer. Gloucester and Cumberland Streets will come alive for the ultimate street party for beer lovers and foodies alike.

Aptly dubbed ‘The Aussie’, the venue has Sydney’s largest beer offering, with over 120 Australian beers available.

A three-day celebration of Australian craft brewing, the streets have a frothy line up of beer and cider brewers; gourmet food stalls; meet the brewer sessions; blind tastings; and live entertainment.

Beer Fest is every beer enthusiast’s dream weekend.

We may not be able to feel the same unadulterated joy and love that we once felt as children, but we can stumble around with a vague smile and lose control of our bowels.

And isn’t that just as good?



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