Preserve Your Sanity with LGBT+ Refugees: Voices from the Frontline

We’re in a state of flux. Or rather, the state of flux that we’re constantly in has reached a chaotic zenith which has resulted in the concretion of sides with which to align yourself.

There’s positives and negatives to this.

On the one hand, there’s a potential for true change and the betterment of humanity. On the other hand, the small talk vital to maintaining the financially beneficial relationships you’ve formed are starting to centre around non-petty issues and that Pandora’s Box who spends too goddamn long in the shower every morning is starting to flip its lid in a way that’s worse than any type of shower crusts that may have formed.

It’s going to be a difficult period of time for your previously surface-level, but imperative relationships.

Thankfully, there are ways in which to cope to remind yourself that you’re an adult and the intellectual barriers of your world are no longer defined by the space you inhabit.

Remind yourself with LGBT+ Refugees: Voices from the Frontline.

In countless countries around the world, LGBT+ people are denied safety, dignity and meaningful citizenship. The only way for them to survive is to leave. This courageous decision invariably comes with new dangers, harsh living conditions and interminable bureaucracy. Hear directly from refugees who are on the long and difficult journey for the simple right to live with dignity and human rights.

It’s 2020, the world is on fire and you may be surrounded by idiots.

It’s 2020 and you have WiFi. You can livestream sanity.

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