Pop Goes the Weasel with the One-Page Score Project

So often our own incompetence and lack of inherent potential is presented to us. Not just via what is technically a meritocracy, the merits of which morph depending upon which conglomerate wins the coin toss for the day, but every time we look in the mirror and are cowed by that internal voice that cushions us from the horrors of the world by reminding us that horrors are the least of what we deserve.

But once in a while something comes along to trick us into believing that we are geniuses so far unacknowledged by greater society and that if we just tap into that potential, boy, it’d show everyone.

One of those somethings has come along.

Not for you. You can watch, though.

This special virtual edition of the One-Page Score Project invited community members from a wide variety of backgrounds to take part in a free two-day online workshop on how to create a graphic score. Guided by Giorgio Magnanensi, participants learned about and experimented with graphic notation, sound, composition, gesture and figure. The participants were then paired with a member of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble to collaborate on an interpretation of their score, playing with the musician’s unique instrumentation and musical style.

In graphic notation, signs and symbols can be used to represent sounds, textures and various kinds of sonic events. Using graphic notation, composers don’t need any prior knowledge of how to write or read traditional musical notation, just a desire to create and explore sound.

Draw a fish; hear a melody.

In a society whose majority already demonises the acquisition of knowledge, where’s the harm?



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