Plunge Into Your Own Depths At The Winterwild Festival

The world is becoming increasingly divided.

It’s a time of tension and mutual derision.

But whether you’re a right-wing nationalist hungry for blood or a left-wing pacifist hungry for Netflix content, there’s one thing that unites us.

We all love a good death cult.

And there’s no festival more deathly or cultish than the Winterwild Festival.

So bid welcome once again to the after-dark winter festival of the arts.

Witness abandoned quarries lit up by projection art, yoga, ritualistic bonfires, consensual touch workshops, didgeridoo-guided meditation, forest bathing, panel discussions and live gigs.

This, the first weekend, will feature highlights such as Visions of Excess, which combines kaleidoscopic visuals with the music of Black Heart Death Cult and Flyying Colours, a psychedelic tribute to Jimi Hendrix, and an immersive blend of projections, lights and sounds in the quarry.

Of course, it’s not an actual death cult. There is no murder involved, the organisers are not despotically religious, nor are they the subject of a Netflix documentary.

But if there’s one thing that can unite all of humanity even more effectively than a shared love of death cults (in whatever form), it’s the inherent laziness and cowardice that prevents them from actioning their supposed convictions.

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