One For All with The GRAMMY Museum Presents: Writing with Pride

Shame is a concept that should be as familiar to you now as your own capacity for enduring incredible bouts of indigestion.

Living without judgement for an extended period of time in lockdown, faced with your own increasing appetite for mundane pleasures amplified by the desire to remain entombed within the safest, most familiar parts of your psyche, has likely created a being far too accepting of its own realities.

Now that normality, or some semblance of it, is slowly being restored, the parts of yourself that you were so willing to embrace are being threatened with sunlight and the judgemental eyes of beings to whom you can no longer easily relate.

But while shame serves an important and imperative function in society, in terms of pants and regular bathing, too much of it is a useless paralytic and another paralytic is something our economy cannot currently withstand.

So in the interest of conformity to benefit a collective economic goal, we suggest you tune in to The GRAMMY Museum Presents: Writing with Pride.

Experience a day spotlighting LGBTQIA+ songwriters in music. Join fan favourites live including Trixie Mattel, Alaska, Bright Light Bright Light, Nina West, Ginger Minj, Jinkx Monsoon and more for intimate performances and discussions about the songwriting process for some of the biggest hits from their chart-topping discographies. It’s like Cribs meets Storytellers meets Behind The Music meets Real World… but with better wigs!

Learn from the masters to overcome your petty version of the paralytic.

Fiscal chaos is coming.

Be yourself.



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