Oktoberfest Brisbane Mit A Bing-Bang Bing-Bang Boom!

Haben sie gehört das Deutsche band?


Then you’ll know that if there’s one thing that Germans are terrible at in general, it’s music. Also tolerance, but we’re skating over that. Mainly because we’re trying to keep it light, but also because in this current global climate, pointing the accusatory gun at one particular country is not only ignorant, but also fairly useless in the face of giant nuclear warheads that read ‘God Bless America’.

But the great thing about a country with terrible music is that their liquor game is strong.

Think about it. If you have to endure six hours of German folk music, the majority of your bodily juices have to be flammable.

Enter: Oktoberfest Brisbane – Australia’s largest German festival.

Connect with fellow culture-seeking enthusiasts at the Brisbane Showgrounds from 11-13 & 18-20 October as the space comes to life with Oktoberfest Brisbane’s famous Bavarian flair.

From schnitzels to pretzels and beer (of course) you’ll love the authentic flavours and treats the festival has to offer.

There will also be a spectacular line-up of live entertainment with music by the Bavarian Oompah band ‘Münchner Buam’, Heidi the Yodeller and Alpenrosen Dance Group.

Russian folksongs und French oo-la-la can’t compare with a German oom-pah-pah! Especially when Heidi the Yodeller tries yodelling with a 0.2% Blood Alcohol Content.



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