No Reason at Arts in the Alley

As a society we’ve collectively agreed that life is meaningless. It’s no longer an edgy realisation out of the mouths of black-clad teenagers, it’s simply understood that we’re expelled from a person, sit around scratching ourselves for a few decades and then die.

The most troubling adjunct realisation to that truth is that we have to create meaning. Sure, the universe is unplanned chaos with no ultimate governing force but that just means the impetus is on you to create purpose and intent. But foisting meaning on things devoid of meaning is arguably more mentally destructive than believing there is an ultimate meaning, because it is so easily disproven. Believing in an ultimate power, like a god, hinges on the impossibility of proving a negative, making it an invulnerable kind of stupidity. Believing in something like work or family riddles you with vulnerabilities, and an illusion easily shattered. That’s why it’s important to remember that life can be utterly meaningless. Remember that at Arts in the Alley.

Cavill Lane Surfers Paradise is hosting a debut arts festival and aligning with the community and celebrating local artists and performers to reconnect the fringe of the Gold Coast to the heart of the city. This creative showcase will take over the beautiful hidden laneway with a plethora of pop up art shops & exhibits, live DJs, immersive art installations and a live radio broadcast.

Of course there’s no god and no ultimate meaning. But that doesn’t mean you have to invent some kind of meaning in order to justify existing. It’s enough to just exist and do random, petty, crap until a piano falls on your head and kills you.

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