Never Change with April Sun

It’s the season of change and there have been many cataclysmic changes in recent weeks.

Change isn’t inherently good or bad, but it is inevitable. Which is why it’s so important to establish your pathology quickly in life and remain as obstinate as possible so your brain doesn’t dissolve into a mushy tan paste. Arguably, the worst possible thing someone can be infected with is openheartedness. At least syphilis probably has an interesting anecdote behind it. So, in aid of mental obstinance, we present April Sun.

An autumnal entertainment delight, April Sun will serve up a platter of Australian performers to satisfy the many and varied palates of Melbourne music lovers. The lineup includes: The Church, Leo Sayer, Marcia Heins, Bob Evans, OPIUO, Blanke, POOF DOOF, Sneaky Sound System, Electric Fields, drag DJ duo Jawbreakers, Yo!Mafia, Sgt Slick, YUMMY, You Am I, Thick As Thieves, Cosmo’s Midnight, Chillinit, Hiatus Kaiyote and so many more!

Sure, the world may be on a spinning rocket ride towards unknowable chaos, but when Sneaky Sound System starts singing about plastic men and UFOs for the three millionth time and you begrudgingly admit to yourself that it’s still a jam, you know there are some things, good or bad, that will never change.

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