Melbourne Fringe Festival: 18 Days With The Other Half

Life on the fringes of society is a struggle.

The constant rejection of your very being by others that conform to the status quo becomes internalised in early life resulting in a wretched, soul-crushing self-hatred.

A wound that will continue to weep until the day you die.

Sounds like a ticklishly raucous experience, doesn’t it? Come, walk on the wild side and let’s masquerade as one of those delightful fringe freaks! We’ve made absolutely sure there’s champagne and suitable evening theatre-attire involved.

Yes, the Melbourne Fringe Festival is returning once again for the spring to transform the city into a platform for every kind of artform imaginable, supporting over 3,000 artists to present 450+ works in 170+ venues to more than 360,000 people.

The Fringe celebrates freedom of artistic expression, takes voices from the margins and amplifies them across the city. It takes place in theatres and galleries, but also in living rooms, in alleyways, in bookshops and libraries, in restaurants and cafes, in the backseat of cars – anywhere you can imagine.

Events will, of course, be ticketed and there will be full security present at every event to keep dirty street rabble-rousers from ruining the fun.

Highlights of this year’s Fringe include burlesque cabaret singer Moira Finucane, Irish comedian Jimeoin, circus performances by Society, and the arrival of In Search of the Truth, an inflatable speech bubble that invites punters to respond to the prompt: “The truth is…”. The usual line up of drag shows, satire and nude acrobatics will, of course, be ever-present.

So, come slum with us for a brief black cab ride through the artistic fringe!

The anecdotes you’ll acquire here will see no one with whom you choose to consort ever equating your wealth with the ignorance of privilege again.

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