Make Love, Make War, Make Both at Bohemian Beatfreaks

It’s funny. 50 years or so this side of free love and the world seems to be more militaristic than ever.

We don’t mean funny as in ‘strange’.

A proliferation of massive phallic missiles is logically the main thing that would come out of the 80s.

We mean funny as in hilarious.

Humanity has not so much been two steps forward, one step back. It’s been more like two steps forward, plunge into a mountain of cocaine, burst out wearing a hate symbol and wave a weapon of mass destruction.

That’s not to say there aren’t still hemp-wearing peace-loving bohemian hippies out there. Quite the opposite. They’re everywhere. That coked-up 80s maniac produced some killer, pervasive ad campaigns out of all that ‘free love’ bollocks.

And so here we are.

A hemp-wearing peace-loving coked up fascist with an arsenal of patchouli-scented warheads.

And in no better way is this insane contradiction exemplified than the Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival.

“Artists, dancers, gypsies, soul-searchers, students and dreamers, you’re invited to gather at a bushland paradise for the weekend. You will laugh, you will play, you will camp and you will dance in the forest under the stars. Featuring 47 acts playing techno, dubstep, psytrance, downtempo, electro, pop, hardcore, drum & bass and EDM music.

Aside from music, the Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival also features a vibrant market village with healthy food and drink options and a social bar with quality craft beers and cocktails. When you’re in more of a Netflix & Chill mood they have a late night cinema, tea lounge and chill space with daily yoga classes & workshops.”

Well, there you are.

A music festival of EDM.

When future dystopian societies seek to justify their reality by dissecting the mentality of past generations, perhaps they’ll listen to Einmusik’s Serenade and they’ll understand.

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