Live Forever at The Drop Festival

This world’s getting a little scarier.

Which is saying a lot since it’s the home planet of paedophiles, mass murderers, the US electoral college and the soon-to-be progeny of the Musk-Grimes hivemind.

But whilst we often get caught up in the plans of the more shapely villains, we forget that it’s the shapeless ones that can seep into our veins through our eyeballs and bring all of us, villains or otherwise, to our anally incontinent end.

The virus that’s slowly spreading across the world is without moral intent, which makes the objective “kill, kill, kill”, a lot more achievable.

In saying that, we don’t want to be alarmist. We want to be firmly denialist. And there’s no better, louder and more flamboyantly dangerous way to do that than by attending The Drop festival!

Yes, following the surf and celebrating music, community culture and a love of the ocean, The Drop Festival is back for its third year. This proudly local and environmentally sustainable music festival promises good food, art, fun and a wonderful community culture!

Slap on your sunscreen and get set to party with Boy & Bear, The Presets, Ball Park Music, Allday, DZ Deathrays, Kita Alexander and Graace – this is a day not to be missed!

Go on. Stick your head in the sand and grind your body against someone else’s.

That thing in the back of your mind is indie pop, that fatigue is malaise and the fever just means you’re really feeling the vibes.

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