Just Relax, Take It Easy with Watch Party: Are You Proud?

The destruction of an illusion is always unpleasant.

Illusions are almost always constructed by the one being fooled because it has been decided by their own brain that it’s safer to process the illusion rather than the reality.

Also the alcohol and tobacco industry have been allowed to advertise to children for a morally incredible amount of time.

But however and in whatever manner we’ve grown to be legal adults, we all share the same feeling of violation when the curtains are drawn open and that which we once thought to be one way is in fact not that way.

Most of us, in some way, have that feeling about our parents when we reach our twenties. We realise that they’re fallible beings just like us and have somehow, through joy, drunkenness, violation or cultural edict, gained responsibility over something that could legally land them in gaol.

In times gone past, Cat Stevens usually softened the blow between parents and their ageing children, but now we’re facing a dually politically volatile and technologically accessible time in which realisations about shared adulthood unfortunately may not just involve Cat Stevens. Your parents are people, yes, just like you. But they’re also potentially people just like that suddenly proudly bigoted high school friend you’ve blocked from all your social media outlets.

If you’re dealing with that potentiality, you’ll have to source a different projection in order to stay sane. One that isn’t muddled by your own familial bonds, but still has the gravitas and beauty of a desirable reality. Projections such as ‘Are You Proud?’.

Combining rare archive footage with interviews from leading campaigners, the film ‘Are You Proud?’ charts the LGBTQ+ movements momentous journey charting the joys and divisions toward equality. Celebrating the community‚Äôs greatest achievements, the film calls attention to the fights both past and present while asking tough questions about the future. Following the screening, the Director, Ashley Joiner will be in conversation with two of the activists featured in the film and will take questions from the audience.

Your parents might not be who you thought they were. They might be even cooler. They might be so much worse. But this is 2020. We’ve been able to source simulated wombs since 1991.



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