Just Keep Dancing at Festival of the Sun

That which once gave us joy and life has become our greatest tormentor.

The sun.

We took advantage of its warmth and the offshoots of that warmth with little regard for its capacity for destruction.

Now, like a cat that starts preemptively chewing the meat off grandma’s leg just as she’s taking her final laboured breaths of life, our once-benevolent god is leering at us with a corpse-hungry expression.

But if these couple of hundreds of thousands of years are anything to go by, it’s that humans have two great talents in our arsenal: denial and futilely licking boot.

Demonstrate both at Festival of the Sun.

“Somewhere over the rainbow lies the land of FOTSUN, promising three jam-packed days of ghouls, glitter and great Aussie music. Mark your calendars and gather your mates to get ready for this summer’s freakiest festival.

Celebrating its sweet 16th in style, Festival of the Sun returns to Port Macquarie to send it with their ‘Ghouls and Unicorns’ edition.

Leading the way this year are Methyl Ethel and Briggs, and they’ll be joined by the likes of Julia Jacklin, Trophy Eyes, Baker Boy, Lime Cordiale, Amyl & The Sniffers and loads more.”

The fiery end is nigh.

So cover yourself in cheap glitter, pump your blood full of denial juice, dance around in a worshipful frenzy and for s**t’s sake don’t look your god in the eye.



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