It’s the Little Things with Parkland Rising

The human ability to cope with horror is its greatest weapon against itself. Or it would be if Heroin didn’t exist. But since the majority of us still don’t have access to wonderful, life-affirming Heroin, as the restrictions are only just now being eased, we’ll have to rely upon our bodies’ own juices squirting around to make waking up in the morning slightly preferable to jumping off a high-rise in the afternoon.

Existing during a time in which horrors are probably just as prevalent as, but infinitely more broadcastable than, any other time in history, means that we’re constantly walking around in a brain soup, so desensitised that Alan Jones has had to resign because his mad caterwauling is no longer able to affect us.

But this mental state affords us some new abilities.

Although we can’t be as emotionally affected by whatever fresh circle of hell tomorrow will be, we can, to a greater extent, appreciate the small horrific coincidences a chaotic universe can produce.

Coincidences such as the premiere of Parkland Rising.

The global screening of the feature documentary Parkland Rising will take place on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The evening will feature a live screening of the film introduced by Executive Producer Katie Couric with a conversation to follow with, Manuel Oliver, Greg Kahn (Gun Safety Alliance Co-Lead), Cheryl Horner McDonough, and Manju Bangalore (March For Our Lives LA Chapter Co-Lead), moderated by Katie Couric. Pearl Jam and the Black Eyed Peas are hosting the streaming premiere.

The US recognises the impact of gun violence; the national guard is deployed in Minnesota. Two entirely unrelated events.

Life’s funny, isn’t it?

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