It’s the Little Things with BrisAsia Festival

Change is imperative. Whether or not it’s self-directed, it occurs constantly and nothing is unaffected. In an infinite universe of endless chaos, predictability is an illusion.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the change is usually unimpressive. It can mean that the depressed Jimmy Brings driver delivering your usual fourth order before 3pm that day only hit his child twice before he left for work in the morning as opposed to the usual five, or that you woke up with a new arse hair. It’s these kinds of changes that dominate one’s existence and may ultimately be more psychologically impactful because they’re so easily assimilated into the everyday experience. You are fully aware of when you’ve moved house or started a relationship, but suddenly discovering a new, fully grown arse hair that you’ve never noticed before can cause you to question your entire sense of self awareness.

Since the big, immediately knowable changes in life are few in comparison to the small insanity-inducing ones, it’s important to incorporate them into your life as much as possible. For example, a wild and expressive, if temporary, change in scenery at the BrisAsia Festival.

Sample a slice of Asian culture at this year’s BrisAsia Festival with a rich range of extraordinary live entertainment, outdoor activity and healthy and active events to enjoy. The BrisAsia Festival is a month-long celebration of Asian culture which is embedded in diversity, creativity and inclusion. This year’s festival highlights include: Bush Kindy Japanese Kamishibai storytelling and crafts., BrisAsia Bizaar, a destination of Asian culture inspired by food, art, and performance, BrisAsia Food Festival, BrisAsia Sound performances and Lunar New Year!

So, pluck your various hairs, avoid antagonising your Jimmy Brings driver and head on into sea of colour and culture!

Your doorway will have slightly warped angles tomorrow due to very gradual structural decay in your apartment building and you won’t know why. Better accumulate some big, obvious changes in your environment, lest you go mad.

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