Island Vibe Festival: Feel Something While You Can

The pressure’s rising. The cold is moving upwards from your extremities. You feel the fluid stream into your lungs and transform immediately into hot lava flowing through your entire body, exiting through your nostrils in a horrid romance with the still-freezing ocean that is pulling your body down into its corpse-filled depths.

Feeling the 21st Century island vibes?

We know we are!

Because the Island Vibe Festival is back, and it hasn’t seen it necessary to change its name in deference to the environmental hell we’re facing!

Held annually on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) over the last week-end of October, Island Vibe Festival is a multi-faceted celebration of Island culture that includes art exhibitions, interactive workshops, stalls, circus, eco-food and craft markets.

4 stages are host to over 80 mighty reggae, roots, soul and electronic acts – including Indigenous and Pacific Islander dance and cultural groups – gathering on Minjerribah for a celebration of music, dance, art and culture.

Well, if there’s one thing that could comfort you in the titular face of a doom-wrought planet in which the ‘islands’ total a number of seven, it’s that at least in a watery grave you won’t be subjected to the sound of electro-reggae.

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