Invest in Your Future with the ReelAbilities Film Festival

It feels as though we’re on the precipice of a whole new era. Or rather, it feels as though we should be preemptively describing it as such due to the avalanche of horrors we’ve all faced within the span of the last four years and will face for at least the next few months.

While horrors of this magnitude are usually subject to the human brain’s capacity for desensitisation, rarely in history have they occurred in such rapid succession and with such rapid increase in scale. We’ve barely had a chance to scab over before another knife has started digging around the wound. And it turns out that knife wasn’t being properly disinfected.

It’s difficult to turn your focus away from the chaos. Binging films and TV from the past brings to mind how unalterably humanity has been affected since Buffy Summers came out with a cookbook, and the recent rash of new Netflix and Amazon Prime releases starring people netting millions tickles that ever-growing portion of your brain screaming ‘eat the rich’.

What is needed right now is a new perspective, consumable from within quarantine, immersive enough to alleviate your anxieties, free, and so indie that resenting the creators is impossible.

Enter: The ReelAbilities Film Festival.

The ReelAbilities Film Festival is about bringing people together to connect, to be entertained, informed, and appreciate the artistic expressions of people with disabilities. Being together as a diverse community and enjoying films together is a special and unique experience that the creator’s are honoured to facilitate each year.

Due to the rapidly evolving situation in the state of Massachusetts regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), the ReelAbilities Festival will be shifting to an online platform and will be presenting films and discussions virtually. Registration for the online sessions is free.

Mortal fear and economic and class resentment in combination with cabin fever is a recipe for insanity or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s mac ‘n’ cheese cupcakes, two psychological catastrophes from which it will be near-impossible to recover.

2021 is still coming. Get a free ticket or two to sanity.

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