Hope is an Unnecessary Sickness at An Orchestral Rendition of Daft Punk

Well, music is in a phase of stagnation these days. While in one sense, the abolition of all-powerful studios is a positive thing, on the other hand SoundCloud now exists.

But, with everything else there is to hate about the current world in which we live, it’s often easy to forget that the past was also awful. Presenting: Daft Punk. The French electro duo formed in 1993 arguably responsible for proliferating the audio of a synth being aggressively fingered without its consent across the rest of the Western World.

In a transition from horrible but tolerable to confusing contradictory orgy of abrasive pointlessness, their musical canon has been reinterpreted for a full orchestra.

Yes, for one night only Daft Punk’s most popular songs will be brought to life! Using a host of talented performers and orchestral members, a full orchestra is coming to Brisbane to re-live some of the best music ever performed!

Daft Punk’s fusion of house music with funk, techno, disco, rock music and synthpop influences has won them critical acclaim across music genres and established them as one of the most successful bands of our time.

Featuring a full orchestra and modern musical elements and the use of immersive visuals and an elaborate light show, there’s no experience quite like it!

Daft Punk as played by an orchestra. A sanity-restoring reminder that the present is as terrible as the past, the past is as terrible as the future will be and the future will be a necrophilic orgy of both the past and the current present.



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