Hard Up? Experience Release At The Gertrude Street Projection Festival!

Some things never change.

Including ol’ Gertrude.

She may be hunched over with decades-old fumes exuding from her mottled mouth, and still harbouring some troublingly racist affiliations…

But once every year, she hauls herself back into her sequined two piece and poses under the lights to dominate the area of Fitzroy that once (and still does) called her ‘an affordable date night’.

Yes, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is back!

She’s inviting you to open your mind and your imagination as a huge light display takes over the entire length of a Fitzroy Street and its brick walls.

This year, participating artists have been given the theme of “persist, resist, shift”.

Artists have also been asked to look into questions like “how do we reinterpret traditions?” and “how is projection as an art form shifting?”.

There will be more than 25 projection artworks on display from a mix of new artists and long-running festival contributors.

Well, Gert has a few ideas as to how to reinterpret traditions.

In fact, she has a whole lot of tattoos on her hard, ruddy back in the shape of gang signs, fleeting lovers and crudely carved dicks and balls that smack of reinterpretation (and she’s not at all opposed to a playful smack).

She’s progressive in a regressive kind of way.

And she no longer charges for providing pleasure.



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