Good Food, Good Wine, Good Time For A Pre-emptive Enema

In current society, we can all agree, food and drink is woefully undervalued.

In fact there are fewer than ten cooking shows being simultaneously broadcast at this very moment.

So, to feed both an entertainment industry and a Western culture that is sorely undernourished, the Good Food and Wine Show is arriving in Melbourne for 3 days of trail-blazing glut.

Come explore Melbourne’s winding avenues that, come winter, will be adorned with an excess of gourmet fare including an oyster and sashimi bar, a good food village and an alley of made of cheese.

Then, balance your severely impacted colon with a myriad of labs, workshops, travelling trucks and tastings dedicated to the age old intestinal and verbal laxative: alcohol.

Devoting a long portion of your daylight hours to drinking is comparatively unproblematic when you’re standing in front of grown adults who have devoted their whole lives to a non-hallucinogenic mushroom.

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