Go Out on The Weekend. For The Good Times.

We’re in a dying relationship.

And we’re tired.

What once excited us about our partner has become buried by their psychological hailstorm.

What was once so beautiful has become a wretched poison riddled with vitriolic, hateful thoughts we never realised our partner had in such undeniable quantities.

Also, they’ve gotten fat.

Yes, America was once fascinating because it was filled with delicious potential, wondrous artistry and gleeful abandon, but now that potential has been realised and hence no longer exists, HBO is an all-powerful abusive pimp and that gleeful abandon means watching a pants-less old man running around shitting himself.

And…they’ve gotten really fat.

But like it or not, we still have a relationship with them. There’s still something about that Gilbert Grape-esque racist shut-in that glimmers enticingly. Maybe it’s hope. Maybe it’s their carbon emissions making us dizzy.

Maybe we can find out what it is at ‘Out on The Weekend’.

“You want some of the finest alt-country/Americana artists on the planet? Established names plus emerging talents guaranteed to blow your mind? Some truly first-rate food, fine alcohol, record shops, two step dancing, barber and beauty saloon, vintage clothing stores, spontaneous good times and random friend finding? It’s all here. And this year there’s a new stage that promises even more mind bending good times.

Out on The Weekend is all about music – and a whole lot more. It’s a full family-orientated, kid friendly afternoon/evening down by the water, with all stages, food and activities in one area. This isn’t Luna Park – it’s Cosmic Americana Park.

The line-up so far includes: The Felice Brothers, Jim Lauderdale, Pokey La Farge, icon Don Walker and his band The Suave Fucks, Brian Cadd, Tami Neilson, Jonny Fritz & Josh Hedley and The Easy Leaves along with many first time talents and much, much more.”

It’s difficult to remember the good times.

But perhaps if we forget a lot about what they currently are with the help of liquor and wound-out speakers, we won’t feel as disgusted with ourselves for letting them come inside us so many times.



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