Free Your Mind at Beerfest

Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. Especially considering so many countries are clamping down their borders and imposing travel bans due to a bitter mixture of racism and whatever COVID-19 tastes like.

Making your way anywhere is more than a headache and chances are if you manage to successfully make your way somewhere, you’re 30% more likely to end your life in a pool of your own diarrhoea.

Speaking of which, considering the outlook is so dire and the chances of diarrhoea near certain at some point in the future, why not go somewhere where they’re always glad you came (because you paid the exorbitant entrance fees)?

Come on down to BeerFest Australia!

BeerFest Australia will take festival-goers on a journey of beer and food discovery; exploring rare brews, beer/food pairing and exclusive festival brews, ciders, cocktails and boutique spirits from around the Country, direct from the brewers themselves.

The festival will feature over 300 unique, exotic and small batch craft beers, ciders, cocktails and wines, hand crafted and perfectly complemented by the most decadent local street eats.

BeerFest Australia continues to delivers a huge line-up of live entertainment with Australian electronic dance group Art vs Science headlining all seven festivals across Australia.

BeerFest will take you on a journey without you leaving the tent.

At the very least, it’s good practice for ten years from now in which cross-breeding with anyone from another post-apocalyptic quarantined tent colony is punishable by sterile execution and mental escapism is all that’s maintaining the fragile strings of your sanity.

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