Flex Your Muscular Tube. The Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival Is Here.

Is there something inside you that needs to be expressed?

We’ve been there.

Woolworths pâté and Aldi whisky make strange, violent bedfellows.

Enter the Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival.

If you’ve never had a good gag reflex, this’ll do the trick (also, give us a call).

This pageant of poetry features 18 days of spoken word performances, readings, open mics, slams and workshops in venues all over Melbourne.

It will feature local and internationally acclaimed spoken word artists and poets, including Luka Lesson, Mic Ting (Individual World Poetry Slam Champ), Arielle Cottingham, wani, Tenda McFly, Eleanor Jackson, Bill Moran (USA), Steph Dogfoot (Singapore), Scott Wings, Fleassy Malay, and Melizarani T. Selva (Malaysia).

With over 50 events over two and a half weeks, more international guests and more workshops than ever, MSWPF will warm up your winter with words.

We’re not saying outright that two and a half straight weeks of slam poetry will force you to expel the contents of your stomach.

The mark of good writing lies in implication.



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