Find Brief Solace with The Roots Picnic

It’s perversely pleasing to be on the sidelines. Watching horror interspersed with retribution unfold in a kind of terrible chaos is a sickeningly perfect position to be in.

For centuries now we’ve been collectively aware of the psychological desire to get morally exercised about something whilst apparently being in no real position to influence that thing. ButĀ if there’s one thing that’s been made clear by recent events, it’s that no one on earth is currently in that position.

We are all complicit in some kind of society that preys on the institutionally marginalised, and the axiom “I didn’t know” is no longer acceptable as an excuse for lack of mobilisation against societal predators.

But every so often an event comes along that is, by its laws, exclusionary to the majority of the world, and in being so, allows us to access that cushioned mindset and reminisce about a time when ignorance was charming rather than a gross, immoral self-delusion.

An event such as The Roots Picnic.

The Roots Picnic 2020 is partnering with Michelle Obama to try to reach eligible voters and urge them to go to cast their ballots this year. Performers include The Roots, H.E.R., Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, G Herbo and many others. The event — in its 13th year — will also feature appearances by the former first lady, Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington, Tom Hanks, and more.

We, as Australians, cannot influence the upcoming US election.

And isn’t that a horrifying comfort?

Also, Tom Hanks will be there!

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