Feeling Blue? Come Together.

Mental ill-health is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, particularly in western society. Inasmuch as we’re aware of it. One could speculate all kinds of things about the mental sickness that ran rampant throughout society during times in which the main source of sustenance was cabbage, oats and incest and the Pear of Anguish was a torture device and not an undergrad’s arts college thesis installation. But then perhaps things only exist once you become aware of them, which is probably why we should have all collectively blinded each other in June of 2016.

Regardless, we have to deal with the constant reminder that we’re very sick puppies, and that the only way to solve our sickness is not by engaging with loved ones or regular introspection, but rather by injecting money into mass industry. So swallow your meds, spike that web traffic and Come Together.

Yes, Jason Isbell, Smith & Myers, American Authors and more are performing as part of Sound Mind Live’s ‘Come Together’ virtual music festival. The benefit concert is celebrating World Mental Health Day.

The world is a scary place and sometimes that fear manifests in monsters.

It’s important to remember that the monsters aren’t always tangible. But neither is the stock market and without the stock market, the economy is doomed to a hell worse than this one, and in that hell you’ll be screaming in pain with a thousand fire pokers stuck up your ungrateful arse, so spend, spend, spend motherf*****!



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