Experience The Land Before Penicillin at Lunar Circus

Remember the old fashioned circus?

Of course you do. Nostalgia is the substitute for clean air these days and every facet of existence is soaked in it.

Even the indisputable cruelty has been acknowledged, if not perversely revered, as a call back to a simpler time of simpler tortures in which if a small child was subjected to a bleak and painful reality, at least they could do The Charleston.

The resurgence of circus-themed nostalgia is at least proof of the fact that society has run out of ideas for new creative milieus. And speaking of running out of ideas, have you got some significant event coming up that you have no idea how to celebrate because apparently a five dollar Woolworths cake, cheap whisky and the promise of a lifelong emotional connection doesn’t cut it anymore? Have we got the solution for you! The Lunar Circus: Dance and Comedic Circus Show!

A fusion of dancing, comedy and circus spectacle, Lunar Circus is a show like no other. Cheeky fun is served through dazzling physical feats of strength, breathtaking dance routines and a splash of mayhem at the prestigious GPO Grand offering a total dining and entertainment experience you won’t forget.

Crystal Bar provides the perfect setting for Sydney’s latest take on the Circus with a distinct lounge appeal– sexy yet classy. With beautifully choreographed dance routines, world class balancing chair strength routines and more, The Lunar Circus is the perfect entertainment for any occasion be it a hens night, ladies night, birthday parties or just for fun.

Yes, we know. It was a long tightrope walk to get to that pitch.

But think about it.

This may be one of the few ways left to see a quasi-classic circus that isn’t based on a deliberately confusing apparently metaphorical French story about a time-travelling scientist.

Maybe it’s that red tape has become so much more expensive to remove, maybe it’s the proliferation of instantly accessible media rendering the exhausting task of having to leave your house to see a beaten, malnourished monkey on a tricycle unnecessary, but the opportunities to be in the audience of a circus that at points reflects a bygone syphilis-riddled era are few and far between.

We can’t promise there’ll be a mistreated monkey on a tricycle, but we can promise that, for a precious few hours, the old world spectacle will render all communication between you and your coworkers, friends or loved ones unnecessary, and afterwards, you can come home to a non-perishable joy that will never be obsolete: a five dollar Woolworths cake, cheap whisky and the promise of a hangover.



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