Everything’s Fine at the Lunar Block Party

It’s tempting to think a brief respite is cause for genuine hope.

A few millimetres of rain, a couple of flash floodings and air that is temporarily safe to breathe can make it seem like the extended climatic hellscape of our own making is just a temporary glitch.

Isn’t temptation a brilliant thing? We certainly think so. Delusion too. They’re both so much fun. How about dancing? Oh that’s even more brilliant.

Enjoy it all at the Lunar Block Party: Fundraising Jam!

This block party will transform the area under Pier St. bridge into an exciting dance floor celebrating both the Lunar New Year and the hip hop and street dance culture in a family friendly event.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend and get down as DJs spin all Saturday afternoon into the night. So prepare your dancing shoes, learn some new moves and grooves, and get ready for a full day of dance and performances.

You’ll be able to get down with your favourite breakbeat, or party with your latest Hip Hop tracks.

Also, check out the very best Street Dancers that Sydney has to offer. Competing in various categories and styles, these dancers will freestyle to music randomly selected by the DJ and will have to wow both the audience and judges to make their way to the top and with the trophy.

Presented by Property NSW, Dancekool, Dance4RFS, Da Block Party Crew, Destructive Steps, DSDA Inc., Jam Republic Sydney, Freedom Sessions, Mighty Madman Media, Buggy Bumpers, Furious Five, Oh Sheila, Sarine + Friends, Indigidance, Humanity Crew, and Ryugi Wear.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Nothing’s better for drowning out that internal horrified scream of despair resulting from a dystopic future that seems to have arrived early than abrasively loud music and the colourful vision of hundreds of moderately wealthy people high on their own ego-boosting sense of self-sacrifice dancing around under a bridge recently forcibly “vacated” by an institutionally oppressed homeless population.



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