Ensemble Apex 02|19 ‘m e d i u m’; That’s ‘m e d i u m’ Not ‘m o d e r a t i o n’

A night of alcohol and old rebels.

It speaks to the impudent appetites of humanity that it’s impossible to tell from that statement whether we’re referring to a hot young music festival, late visiting hours at a rest home, a mafia syndicate’s fencing operation or a reunion with an old redundant professor who’s trying to finger himself a job at his ex-student’s Buzzfeed-equivalent company.

Turns out, we’re referring to none of those things. No, this is an event with a little class. In that classical music, in the broadest sense of the term, will be featured.

Ensemble Apex in association with Young Henry’s Brewery and The Powerhouse Museum presents: m e d i u m.

A phenomenal venue combined with free beer and some of Australia’s most talented musicians.

The programme features: Sollima’s Violoncelles Vibrez feat. James Morley and David Moran, Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.8 arranged for string orchestra and timpani, Copland’s Clarinet Concerto feat. Oliver Shermacher and Haydn’s Symphony No.60 (The Comedy).

Sollima, Shostakovich, Copland and Haydn may seem like the harbingers of uncool, but a Patti Smith collaborator, a Stalin dissenter, an American quasi-socialist and a polyp-riddled cocksman are collectively a 21st-Century 20-something-year-old’s wet dream.

And there’s free beer.




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