Dwell Unhealthily on the Past with the Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Memories light the corners of our minds. This is most powerfully the case when we’re riddled with dementia and our mental reality is a sieve that only retains randomised moments dipped in so much saccharine that an existence entombed within a slowly rotting corpse supported by a system of increasingly fragile bones and organs becomes palatable. And if we’re lucky, those stage-lit moments will not include a rotating roster of celebrities in cat form with computer-generated anuses.

But we don’t have to wait for the horror of Alzheimer’s to be aware of the fact that we, as humans, rely upon memories to define our identities and to form our perceptions of our immediate reality. And in a situation such as this, when we’re all struggling to maintain our sense of self because we’re dealing with a severe lack of varied external situations in which to prove ourselves, it’s memories to which we must retreat.

Memories, for example, of January 2020.

When the sky was an apocalyptic red, the statue of Queen Victoria in Sydney’s Town Hall wore a gas mask, the air was full of baked koala and we all thought the worst of humanity’s habitual corruption had manifested.

It’s imperative we do not forget who we were when we could still express righteous anger at the man whilst outdoors, because COVID-19 will end, but the economic apocalypse is coming, and the docility we’ve learned in quarantine will not help us then.

Remember with the Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and now, more than ever, is the time to reflect on and celebrate the Earth. The Sierra Nevada Alliance is proud to provide a way to appreciate our planet and inspire advocacy from the safety of your couch during the coronavirus pandemic. The Alliance is inviting you to celebrate Earth Day online with the Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour combines award-winning environmental and adventure films with the energy of local activism. Each year, films are chosen so that you are inspired to take further action regarding issues that impact our environment, ourselves, and our world.

The pandemic will end, but the crooked debt collectors are coming.

The same ones that lit the fire.

Netflix and over-consumption are effective anaesthetics, but don’t get so atrophied that you no longer have the capacity to take up arms.



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