Don’t Think, Enjoy, at the Moomba Festival

Finding balance in your life is a fool’s errand, because you are not inherently in control of anything.

Sure you can schedule exercise, use a standing desk at work, make your partner feel wanted and tell your children every day that you love them, but no matter how much you exercise you’ll, best case scenario, die a dementia-riddled prune, the standing desk will invite both disdain from coworkers and a swollen sciatic nerve, your partner will eventually despise you and your children will at worst become serial rapists and at best middle management.

It’s important to embrace the chaos and not ascribe any particular meaning to what is a series of unrelated events culminating in eventual death. Speaking of a bunch of random events, divorced from inherent purpose, the Moomba Festival is back in town!

The iconic Moomba Festival welcomes people into the city annually on the Labour Day long weekend in March, to experience the traditions and fun of Melbourne’s longest-running and largest community festival. A celebration of Melbourne, Moomba is famous for its Moomba Monarchs who reign over the traditional Monday street parade, Birdman Rally on the Yarra River, carnival in Alexandra Gardens and nightly fireworks. Visitors can also get involved in a music program packed with headliners and local up-and-comers, the Moomba Masters waterskiing competition, skate park workshops, competitions and engaging children’s activities. All events are free and take place across the long weekend.

A carnival presided over by symbolic monarchs, homemade flying machines and recreational water-skiing on a day otherwise marked by historic unionisation of the working class.

There is absolutely no reason to assume any connection between the two things, and definitely no point in it. So shut up and have fun.

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