Do What You Want at Wildlands Weekender

Self-denial is never wise.

It only ever acts as a way in which to amplify the inevitable chemical explosion that occurs when your resolve breaks and you find yourself naked, chin-deep in a barrel of whisky, necking jars of anchovy-stuffed olives. Either that or it ends up in an even worse perversion, and you get your name in the newspaper in April for the impressively large garden marrow you’ve donated to a local school, and in May for fertilising said garden with the corpses of the elderly.

Impulse is best acquiesced to when it first hits, or else it morphs into an ever-present temptation that ultimately becomes far more destructive. It’s been a hard twelve or thirteen months. You need to get out. You need to dance. Do so at Wildlands Weekender.

Wildlands is an Australian dance music festival brought to you by the minds behind the popular Beyond The Valley and Origin Fields festivals. Taking place in Brisbane over two days in March 2021, Wildlands Festival gears up its second edition after debuting in 2019 with a lineup of the biggest and most exciting dance, electronic and hip-hop acts. Featuring: Chillinit, Godlands, Golden Features, Choombas, Cosmo’s Midnight, What So Not and many more!

Look, we’ll be the first to admit we have no idea who any of the performers are in the line-up and a weekend of EDM has, in the past, struck us as more of a torture than a relief. But you want to get out, dance, scream and rub strangers. Best do it as soon as possible before it manifests into something far worse.

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