Consume Your Own Fragility at Hyper Real 2.0: An Immersive Dining Experience

Reality is a simulation of reality.

That was a thought that was once considered a revelation.

Nowadays even three-year-olds are aware of this.

It is quite literally true. We don’t have to question whether the tree before us is real or not. Because it’s already been rendered in pixels and at a certain point in the recent past, the Pokemon in front of it was the only reason the tree was considered to be an aspect of reality at all.

And the question of the simulation is not whether we are pawns in the cosmic painting of an indifferent super-consciousness, it’s when the indifferent super-consciousness is releasing the next iPhone.

We are happily living in hyperreality and, as such, we need an Instagrammable event to confirm that we exist.

Enter: Hyper real 2.0.

Hyper Real 2.0 is a dystopian playground of five experiential installations incorporating avant-garde performance art with an injection of Chin Chin’s (the restaurant) DNA. Hyper Real 2.0 is all about collective participation where the guests become the experience.

Be guided through the full-throttle sensory adventure. Cut through the metal fence and lick the walls; this is a playground of touch, sound, art and taste.

Guests will meet at a secret location near Chin Chin and will be guided into the experiential playground of touch, sound, art and Chin Chin food, all wrapped in one. For those who pass by, the Chin Chin lane-way will be activated with projections and augmented reality by local Melbourne artists.

Taste what you see.

Hear what you taste.

Feel like a valid member of society because your self-worth lives and dies in the Cloud.

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