Burning Seed: The Burn That Doesn’t Need Penicillin, a Green Alternative or the Death of Corporate Media

Being conscious on a macrocosmic scale is exhausting.

To do an act that could be considered a moral one is to commit to a point in the future when you realise you’ve wiped out a species or decimated an economy or been genuinely appreciative of the existence of a sex criminal.

The only truth upon which the endless news cycle shines a light is the deepening depressing selfish hole of fatigue that comprises 80% of personal waking consciousness.


You wanna get naked in the desert?

We know we do.

It’s about goddamn time for Burning Seed.

“Burning Seed is an annual gathering that enables it’s participants a transformative experience. Emanating out of place and living outside the pattern of the traditional festivals and events is an experience of gift giving and encouraging participation on all levels for building permanent and transitional communities from a wide variety of cultural lifestyles deeply rooted in Art projects.

Dedicated to the creative arts, community, radical self-expression and radical self reliance, the community exists and grows through communal effort, is commercial free and reliant on the participation of community members to achieve its needs, goals and dreams.

The Burning Seed Theme for 2019 is: Zoophemism. ‘Imagine a world where all euphemisms are animal related and puns are considered currency’.

Burn night is the climax of Burning Seed. The Effigy, which has kept watch over Red Earth City all week, is set alight on Saturday night as people gather to watch and phwoarrrr! There’s fire spinning, performances — and for some a little nudie run around the fire.

Then, if art is the heart, then the Temple is the soul of Burning Seed — its spiritual and emotional anchor. Based on a Burning Man tradition, the wooden art installation is a place for people to commemorate their deepest sorrows and celebrate their greatest joys. Poems, photos, shrines, letters and mementos are pinned, posted and penned all over the Temple, helping to create a communal dialogue about what touches us deeply as individuals and the shared experience of our humanity.

The Temple stands until Sunday of the event, when it is burned. Effigy on the Saturday night is marked by a more primal explosion of energy and excitement, the Temple burn is a time for quiet reflection, allowing participants to bear witness to the release and renewal that fire brings to the experience they have shared.”


Everything these days has to be translated into ‘hipster’, otherwise the majority of the youthful population would refuse to understand it. So, to clarify: Run away, get naked, light things on fire and chemically trampoline on your prefrontal cortex.

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