Briefly Tame Your Screaming Mental Choir at the In Harmony Festival

Mental health is a dually divisive and vital issue in our society.

The proliferation of what can be politely termed ‘liquid shit poured directly into the eye-sockets of children’ and the accompanying ability of embittered hard-up quasi-adults to both crush young souls with venomous hatred and entice them into van-based meet-ups has led to an exhausting reality of flat-earthers, Kim Kardashian’s arse being insured for the equivalent of the GDP of a small island nation, and the greatest lesson learned from Jimmy Savile being ‘Oh yeah! I remember Top of the Pops!’.

As a society we’re somehow both desensitised and always in vague pain and the only way to shake the foundations of our calloused souls is something aesthetically devoid of any markers of contemporary society.

Enter the In Harmony Festival.

Mostly Mad Music is taking music from the concert halls to the streets of Sydney in a series of pop-up chamber music concerts.

Music performances will be themed by mood, so YOU get to choose the mood you want to be in.

Mad Music Ambassador and international soloist Filip Pogady is a firm believer that music should be available to everyone. Joining Filip is concert pianist and composer Van-Anh Nguyen. A worldwide sensation and in-demand artist, Van-Anh is the newest artist addition to the Universal Music/Decca Records family.

Register for their mailing list on their eventbrite page and they will send you details with the exact time and place of every pop-up. Bring the kids, a picnic lunch and enjoy the music.

An orchestra in a park.

That is something that is conceptually impossible to date.

So set your vision to ‘tunnel’ and experience a brief respite from the contemporary demons that form an irremovable 3/4 of your brain function.

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